Rethinking Psychology in a World in Crisis

Ved Ernst Schraube
Lørdag kl. 9.30

As a response to a world in a deep crisis, socially and ecologically, a critical self-reflection has set in among scientists in various disciplines including psychology on how modern sciences have been part of the problem. Scholars ask how we have to fundamentally rethink our scientific self-understanding and our theoretical and methodological conceptions – to be able to meaningfully work with these problems and thus become part of enabling a viable future. Drawing on these discussions and building on the achievements of cultural-historical activity theory as well as critical psychology, I will outline three major lines of epistemic renewal: (1) From an anthropocentric, instrumental epistemic frame toward a psychology from the standpoint of the human subject; (2) from an individualistic, disembodied epistemic frame toward a psychology of thinking things in their connections; ( 3) from technological somnambulism toward a critical social psychology of technology trying to overcoming the discrepancy between creation and imagination in human agency.