Indsend dit oplæg om temaet “Diagnoser”

Kære Deltager i konferencen om virksomhedsteori

Til brug for planlægning af konferencen om ”Kultur-, historisk- og virksomhedsteori” 11.-13. november 2022 vil vi gerne have besked fra alle der har et emne de gerne vil holde oplæg om på konferencen. 

På konferencen i 2021 var der en stor del af deltagerne, som gerne ville diskutere spørgsmål i relation til emnet ”Diagnoser”, så de der måtte have noget at sige om dette emne opfordres derfor til at konkretisere deres tanker og spørgsmål som oplæg om dette emne.

Oplæg om andre emner er dog også velkomne, så skriv frit om de emner som kan være af interesse at diskutere på konferencen.

Af hensyn til den videre planlægningsproces vil vi gerne modtage forslag til oplæg inden d. 5. maj, og forslagene kan feks have et omfang på 10-25 linjer.

Forslag til oplæg bedes indsendt via foreningens hjemmeside


Louise, Olav, KBB

Conference: Measured Lives

The theme of the 18th biennial conference of International Society for Theoretical Psychology is: Measured Lives – Theoretical Psychology in an Era of Acceleration.

Two dominant forces in contemporary capitalist societies are the conception of humanity as something measurable and the quest for acceleration, efficiency, and optimization. This may be a crucial part of increasing productivity, but the values and forms of governance emerging from the ethos of acceleration and efficiency may also play a role in inducing human suffering and in structuring that suffering as ‘new pathologies’.

Time and place

Danish School of Education, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen
Date: 19 to 23 August 2019

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Information om “8th Nordic ISCAR”

The 8th Nordic ISCAR Conference, which will be held 18–20 June 2019, is titled ‘Research and practices within and across boundaries’. The conference will provide a cross-disciplinary forum for presenting research findings and discussing ideas for developing research. The aim is to establish new possibilities for collaboration among researchers who are interested in cultural-historical activity theory as an approach to conducting research both on and with practitioners.

The Nordic and Baltic countries have a strong tradition of using cultural-historical activity theory to study and/or conduct formative interventions in various arenas where practices are studied and developed. These arenas include learning and play in early childhood, children’s school life and learning, education at various levels and in different contexts, learning across contexts, youth life as well as work life and the organization of processes.

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Farewell Conference for Prof Mariane Hedegaard

Uden navn

Cultural-Historical Approaches to Children’s Development and Childhood

Farewell Conference for Prof Mariane Hedegaard on her retirement

Monday, 5 September 2016, 9:00-16:00

The conference is directed at analyzing children’s development – drawing on both human and social sciences perspectives, with a special focus on cultural-historical approaches.

The first part of the conference takes place from 9.00-13.00 at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Society, New Auditorium Hall, Building 35, Room 35.01.06. It is most practical to enter the building from Gammeltoftsgade 19:

In the first part, the following researchers will give keynote lectures with a coffee break at 10.30

Professor Marilyn Fleer (Monash University, Australia)

Professor Emerita Anne Edwards (Oxford University, UK)

Professor Jan Derry (University College London)

Professor Anna Stetsenko (City University New York, USA)


Professor Cathrine Hasse (Aarhus University)

The second part takes place from 15.15-16.00 in the Auditorium on the 1st floor of the Royal Library, Gothersgade 140. At that time, Professor Mariane Hedegaard will give her farewell lecture.

The programme ends with a reception at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology, Øster Farimagsgade 2 A, 2nd floor.

Attendance is free and open to all.

Arranged by the PPUK Research Group

2. Announcement: 7th Nordic Conference on Cultural and Activity Research

The conference invites researchers from the Nordic and Baltic countries who use or are interested in the cultural and activity theoretical approaches.

Konventum Conference Centre (LO-Skolen)

16-18 June 2016

Gl. Hellebækvej 70
3000 Elsinore (Helsingør)

Call for Papers Open: November 1st 2015

Submission deadline: January 15th 2016

Registration deadline: May 25th 2016

Conference website:

Download as pdf: Folder – second announcement


A Nordic Perspective on the Cultural and the Activity Approach in Theory and Practice

The Nordic countries have a strong theoretical and practice tradition of cultural-historical approaches to investigating and/or intervening human practices and everyday life. These include early childhood learning and play, children’s school life and education, youth life, as well as work life and organization of processes.

The 7th Nordic conference provides a cross-disciplinary forum for exchanging ideas, exploring common interests, addressing various theoretical, practice-related, and societal issues, as well as for establishing new possibilities for collaboration among researchers and practitioners who share an interest in cultural-historical approaches.

Transformations of human life conditions (e.g. new technologies, new public management, or migration) create ongoing need for cultural-historical research and professional practices. Contributions from these perspectives are important for future societies as they both contribute with reflections on societal issues and with theoretical, methodological, and practical advancements

The conference invites those who work within such areas as research of education, human learning, development, new technologies, work practices and organizational transformations, health practice and social work to confront these issues.


Themes and Topics

  • Learning and development of children, youth, and adults
  • Professional education, training, and practice
  • Transformations of work and organizations
  • Scientific practices; innovation practices
  • Disabilities and development
  • Technology and the practice of everyday life
  • New learning environments based on information technologies
  • Social pedagogy and community development


Presentation Forms

Poster sessions: 5 posters – ½ hour for reading all together; 1 hour for open discussions led by a moderator

Individual Papers: 20 min. presentation; 10 min. open discussion

Symposium: Self structured; max. 2 hours

Panel Discussion: To provide the opportunity for critical discussions of a vital theme or a current societal issue. The committee welcomes suggestions for possible themes and participants.

Suggestions should be sent to Louise Böttcher: [email protected]

NB: Each participant of the conference may give only one poster or paper presentation.


Cost (including conference, accommodation, meals, and conference dinner): 4400 DKK.

Scientific Committee

Mariane Hedegaard, Professor, Dr. Phil. Department of Psychology, Copenhagen University

Jytte Bang, Associate professor, Ph.D. Department of Psychology, Copenhagen University

Louise Böttcher, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Aarhus University

Ernst Scraube, Associate professor, Ph.D. Department of Psychology, Roskilde University

Seth Chaiklin, Researcher, UCC – University College Capital, [email protected]

Lutine de Wal Pastoor, Senior Researcher, Ph.D. Educational Anthropology

The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies

Hans Knutagård , Associate Professor, Ph.D., Department of Health and Society, Kristianstad University, Sweden

Hanna Toiviainen, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning, University of Helsinki

Milda Bredikyte, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Department of Didactics of Psychology, Vilnius Pedagogical University

Thurídur Jóhannsdóttir, Associate Professor, Ph.D. School of Education, University of Iceland.


Local Organizing Committee

Jytte Bang, University of Copenhagen, [email protected]

Louise Böttcher, Aarhus University, [email protected]

Seth Chaiklin, UCC – University College Capital, [email protected]

Mariane Hedegaard, University of Copenhagen, [email protected]



General information: Mariane Hedegaard [email protected]

Panel discussion: Louise Bøttcher [email protected]

Payment: Jan Majfred [email protected]

First announcement – 7th Nordic ISCAR 2016

Så er der nyt om den 7. nordiske ISCAR 2016

Download invitation her: First announcement-NISCAR


University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology invites:
A Nordic perspective on the Cultural and the Activity approach in Theory and Practice

16-18 June 2016 LO-Skolen, Gl. Hellebækvej 70 3000 Helsingør Denmark

Important Dates
Submission of proposals for poster sessions and symposia/individual paper sessions: January 15th 2016

Acceptance Notice: March 15th 2016

Registration Deadline: May 25th 2016

A home page will soon be announced

The program will consists of different formats like poster presentations, symposiums/paper presentations, and panels

Local Organizing Committee
Mariane Hedegaard, [email protected]
Seth Chaiklin, UCC – University College Capital, [email protected] Louise Böttcher, University of Aarhus, [email protected]
Jytte Bang, University of Copenhagen, [email protected]